Non-Disclosure Agreement

To promote freedom of information exchange among our membership, while protecting the confidentiality of that information prior to publication, the HCHS/SOL NHLBI leaders have suggested that GAC members sign a non-disclosure agreement. Among other things (as described in the document), this agreement covers confidentiality of documents prepared by working group members and posted on this HCHS/SOL Genetic Analysis Center web site.

This web site has both public and private content, including HCHS/SOL-confidential information such as slide sets and manuscripts, as well as wiki pages for the genetics working groups’ collaborative use. You will need to log in to see the private content.

Please sign and return an electronic copy of the non-disclosure agreement to the GAC (gccbiost@uw.edu) to obtain access to the private content. The GAC will send you the web site log-in information when your signed non-disclosure form is received.